The Yahoo Asia Big Idea Chair Awards praise the impressive campaigns that have great achievements in our dynamic digital world to not only build brands that we love and trust but also be the pioneer of the future in content, advertising and technology. We are one of the signature events in the region to honor exceptional digital campaigns that amalgamate creativity, imagination and cutting-edge technology, and the heroes behind. This year marks the 13th anniversary, the Yahoo Asia Big Idea Chair Awards introduces sixteen awards to Hong Kong and seven awards to Asia regions that have campaigns launched on the Yahoo network.


The Yahoo Asia Big Idea Chair Awards 2021 is composed of 
16 Hong Kong Awards. Click on each category for more details.


Yahoo Asia Big Idea Chair Awards 2021 (“BIC”)
Terms & Conditions


By joining the BIC, all entrants agree to the following:

  1. Yahoo! Hong Kong Limited and its affiliates (“Yahoo”) only accept entries for advertisements or campaigns which feature on Yahoo network anytime between Oct 1, 2020 to Sep 30, 2021 (“Eligibility Period”). We do not accept work that does not fall within the Eligibility Period.
  2. Entrants must be the relevant advertisers, media agencies, creative agencies or their respective authorized representatives which place such advertisements or campaigns described above.
  3. Entrants must be able to provide consent from the relevant advertisers, media agencies or creative agencies, as appropriate, regarding the submission. All materials presented must be original work, the ownership and all intellectual property rights in which must belong to the entrant. If any material or data is found to be untrue, misleading, incomplete, misrepresented, illegal or infringes third party’s rights in any way, the entry will be disqualified.
  4. All entries must be completed in English using Yahoo’s official submission template and submitted through this website.
  5. The entry must be related to the advertisements or campaigns which was designed for public exposure on Yahoo network during the Eligibility Period.
  6. For entries to the Hong Kong BIC, each entry can be submitted for a maximum of four (4) different HONG KONG award categories. Yahoo reserves the right to shortlist entries in the event of multiple entries. Any entry submitted for more than four (4) awards will be disqualified.
  7. For entries to the ASIA BIC, each entry can be submitted for a maximum of two (2) different ASIA award categories. Yahoo reserves the right to shortlist entries in the event of multiple entries. Any entry submitted for more than two (2) awards will be disqualified.
  8. In general, there will be one Outstanding award and two Merit awards in each category. The categories are:


    • Best Acquisition Campaign
    • Best Branded Content Campaign
    • Best Video Strategy
    • Best Native Ad Campaign
    • Best Search Campaign
    • Best Data Strategy
    • Best Programmatic Campaign
    • Best Partnership Campaign
    • Best Integrated Solution
    • Best Innovative Experience
    • Best Media Commerce Campaign
    • Best Use of Emerging Format in Programmatic
    • HK Big Idea Chair Champion
    • Asia Big Idea Chair Champion


    • Advertising Agency of the year
    • Media Agency of the year
    • Programmatic Agency of the year

    The winner of any of the awards referred to in Section 8a or 8b are collectively referred to as "Award Winners" and any of the awards are collectively referred to as "Awards".

  9. All intellectual property rights in BIC belong to Yahoo and will not be transferred to any entrant. All intellectual property rights of the content submitted by entrants to Yahoo will be transferred to Yahoo at no cost. Except with prior approval from Yahoo, no entrant or winner shall associate himself or herself with Yahoo in any way.
  10. All entrants to the Awards (including the Award Winners) hereby irrevocably authorize Yahoo to have the right, at no additional cost, to use, copy, reproduce, publish any content submitted by the entrants for any educational, marketing or promotional purposes. Such content includes without limitation, the Award Winners’ personal information, content submitted on application forms or other materials and advertising content submitted for the entries. Yahoo shall not be liable for any inaccuracy, error or omission contained in any such copy, reproduction or publication.
  11. Entries are accepted on the condition that all materials submitted will become the property of Yahoo and will not be returned.
  12. Yahoo reserves the absolute right to make, interpret, apply and resolve dispute with respect to or in connection with the terms and conditions of the BIC. Yahoo also reserves the right to cancel the BIC or amend the terms and conditions of the BIC anytime without prior notice. When you submit the entries, it means that you fully accept these rules and conditions and Yahoo’s privacy policies found here. If you belong to another jurisdiction, you agree to Yahoo’s privacy policies in the relevant jurisdiction.
  13. The rules and conditions of the Awards are to be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.


To submit your entry, simply Download the official submission template and complete all the required fields; then click Submit to fill in the online entry form.

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Yahoo Asia Big Idea Chair Awards 2021.
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We have invited renowned digital marketers and professionals from the media and creative industries around the region to sit on our panel of judges.